Checklist for a Successful Business 

The completion of the these tasks is essential to running a profitable business.

Daily Tasks

  1. Check cash positions
  2. Record transactions
  3. Document and file receipts
  4. Review unpaid bills from vendors
  5. Pay vendors, sign checks
  6. Prepare and send invoices
  7. Review projected cash flow

Monthly Tasks

  1. Balance your checkbook
  2. Review past-due receivables
  3. Analyze inventory status
  4. Process/review payroll.  Approve tax payments
  5. Review actual profit and loss v. budget and prior years
  6. Review month-end balance sheet v. prior period

Quarterly Tasks

  1. Prepare revised annual P & L estimates
  2. Review quarterly payroll reports – make payments
  3. Review sales tax – make quarterly payments
  4. Complete estimated income tax – make payments

Annual Tasks

  1. Review past due receivables
  2. Review your inventory
  3. Fill out IRS forms and 1099 Misc.

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