Accounting Bookkeeping Tips

Which Is the Right QuickBooks Version for Me?

While QuickBooks is the most popular business accounting software, the decision as to which of the five versions is suitable for your needs is not that simple.

There are five versions available: Self-Employed, Simple Start, Essentials, Online Plus, and Online Advanced.

Some of the pertinent questions you have to answer are:

  1. How many users will I need?
  2. Do I want simple invoices?
  3. Will I need mileage tracking?
  4. Do I want to use customized invoices?
  5. Do I want to send statements to customers?
  6. Will I have to process payroll?
  7. Will I have to track accounts payable?
  8. Will I use budgets in my business?
  9. Do I want to track expenses by customer?
  10. Will my business have inventory?
  11. Will I use purchase orders?
  12. Will I have recurring transactions?
  13. Will I need to track projects?

The above list is not intended to be all inclusive but just some of the needs to be considered.  It would not be helpful if you used a lower level program that would not offer some of the features that would be crucial to the success of your business.  It would be wasteful to use a higher level that includes items you do not need.

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